Evri no une esfuerzos con Twine, simplemente lo cierra

Supongo que como el resto de usuarios y usuarias de Twine, esta mañana encontré en mi buzón el siguiente correo del equipo de Evri:

Dear Twine Subscriber,

With the recent acquisition of Twine.com, we at Evri have been working to create a joint offering that will make it easier to discover and connect with the stories that matter to you. That offering is now available at Evri.com.

Click below to activate your Evri account now and set up your password.

Effective May 14th, we will no longer support Twine.com and all Twine.com visits will be re-directed to Evri.com. If you are interested in saving your Twine bookmarks, just download them from your Evri account settings page after you’ve activated your account.

To get you started, we’ve created some content streams based on the Top 100 Twines. Click here to check out these featured streams and begin exploring Evri.com, or just visit us at: http://www.evri.com/welcome.

We are excited to have you be part of the Evri community and look forward to hearing your feedback at feedback@evri.com on how we can continue to improve the Evri experience.


The Evri Team

twine evriEvidentemente el eslogan que encabezaba la web de Twine desde hace algún tiempo [Evri & Twine join forces!] era simplemente eso, así es que querido/a lector/a si tienes marcadores o documentos en Twine tienes hasta el día 13 de mayo para recuperarlos a través de una cuenta en Evri.

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